Wednesday, October 17, 2012

to birthday, you happy...

...or something along those lines.

Nana's birthday was Monday! So with the help of Nana's mom and Kaia, we did some fun things to celebrate!!

During lunchbreak, Kaia, Soap, and I ran back our room. (Soap is Kaia's friend who was visiting). I have a lot of trouble blowing balloons up since I'm really lame, so Kaia and Soap prepared the balloons while I hung streamers around Nana's bed. Then I put the balloons up!!

I also put sticky notes with jokes and things on it for Nana. 
Here are the presents and her initials spelled out in taffy~
I'm over the phrase 'Happy Birthday'.... there should be more ways to say it. So for Nana's card, she got 'To Birthday, You Happy'. And Kaia's was 'The Day of Happy Birth'. 

Oh~ we also did a wall decoration of a cat saying "Meow~scratch my tummy!!" haha

We managed to finish decorating during break and when we came back, we all had cake. The entire thing had been filmed to share with Nana's mom. It was hilarious to watch. Balloons falling down, music stopping. OH! we set up Vanness Wu to play so it was like a party when Nana walked in (she got out of class earlier than us) but Kaia's iPod froze...

After cake and opening of presents, we went to East Village to get some pho!!
It was my first time getting pho despite hearing about it for so long! I also tried sriracha sauce and I'm such a wimp because it was too hot for me to use it haha.
We had a lot of fun out for dinner and the train ride back was very fun too.

Happy (now late) day of Birth, Nana!
Thank you for being such a great friend and roommate. I hope you enjoyed your birthday, and will enjoy every day after. <3

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leif Erikson Day!!

I normally celebrate holidays that are important to Spongebob and so today (well, yesterday technically I'm really bad at updating in a timely manner .__.) I went about saying "Hinga Dinga Durgen."

Leif Erikson was actually super awesome and the first explorer to discover America. Go Norse peoples!!!

In celebration of Leif Erikson, here is a picture of me with a beard:

Saturday, October 6, 2012


 For Nana's lovely photo projecto. Alice in Wonderland-esque photo project.
Blonde wig, black ribbon, Nana's blue dress, lace cardigan, two petticoats (one is mine, one is hers X3), white tights and oxfords (which Nana bought for me last year X3) Kaia also took part in it as the rabbit!! So cute ! :>

Make-up was fun to do! Coverstick, foundation, matte powder. Blush, neutral tone eyeshadow, with light pinks and blues, and two layers of false eyelashes.
Also featured! My Jiji backpack!! <333

It was a lot of fun and a good break from work to take part in this project !

Friday, October 5, 2012


This dress was my grandmother's graduation dress. Really a beautiful piece. A few holes in it though, but I'm so nervous about damaging it, I haven't fixed them >___<;; Also this was back when my hair was blonde!! I miss it and I really want to return to it. My hair needs something different, it's kind of an unruly mess to the point where even my professor pointed it out. hhahah
So this dress buttons down the front, with glass gems. Also buttons on the cuffs and collar. It's super adorable, never see anything like this anymore. The seams are all pinked and the hem is a slipstitch with seam tape. It's incredibly well made and simply beautiful. 
My mom visited my grandmother and brought it back for me like "oh would you want this, i didn't know if you would, blah~~" but I saw it and FELL IN LOVE. I almost started crying I WANT TO WEAR THIS DRESS EVERYDAY. hahahaha It's a bit loose on my waist, but with a gathered skirt like this, I don't mind. It's just super super cute. Oh! There is also one hidden side seam pocket and it zips on the other side, with a lapped zipper.
And the shoes I'm wearing are my polka dot wedges I bought for $15. I've really wanted some wedges so I finally bought some. They're incredibly comfortable and super easy to walk in. I wore them basically all summer hahah It's harder to wear heels in NY, since I'm always walking miles so I want to be as comfortable as possible.
Anyway, yes. I'm in love with this dress and vintage dresses and I want so many more ;3;

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've been feeling really lazy lately. Putting on minimal make-up for classes, barely brushing my hair, not bothering with rings or earrings. haha. so lazy. Shirt from Rue21 on clearance for $3. Collar from antique mall for $2. Drop crotch pants from Bianca. :> tenk u :3 Demonia creepers, found on eBay ~$50. I spent so much on those creepers, really they were a splurge. I shouldn't have bought them since I am dirt poor hahah I wanted a pair for so long and I got absorbed in the idea of buying them on eBay when I found a somewhat well priced used pair in a style I didn't see too often. It was a buy where I thought I MUST HAVE THESE, and then an hour later I was like OH MY GOSH I DID NOT HAVE MONEY FOR THOSE WHY DID I DO THIS. I panicked a little bit, but it was too late. ahaha. Then I just waited for them to come and when I got them I was very happy :> Feeling pretty sad though, since I just found out one of my dogs, a black lab, was put to sleep. He has been sick lately so I am sure it was for the best. I'm sad I didn't get to see him before he was put down. He also was around my age and had a birthday around mine too. Love to you, my buddy HarHar <333

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mmm first dia, old FNO outfit.

Fashion's Night Out. A lace dress I originally saw for $35~ and found on sale after I'd forgotten about it for $2 xD Petticoat. Heat tights. My favorite tights right now- H&M. $8. Boots. $15. Velvet vest, had for a long time. I love vests :> Wore this for FNO because I was out shopping for fabric before we went out & met up with boifrando super briefly. Busy busyyy. I'm not into the super flashy clothes like a lot of people wear during FNO. Went a few places, Brooks Brothers, Macy's, outside of a Cyndi Lauper show, only let people on a list in sigh. Some other places. Lord & Taylor to try a few lock boxes. Met some Project Runway contestants there, but honestly more excited for the water I finally got haha. Some store with a lot of drag queens. Ughhhh they looked so beautiful ;A; <333 I want to design for them. I'd have so much fun. I'd like to post more when I actually take pics XD And post some of my backlog, but for now, yay first post :>