Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've been feeling really lazy lately. Putting on minimal make-up for classes, barely brushing my hair, not bothering with rings or earrings. haha. so lazy. Shirt from Rue21 on clearance for $3. Collar from antique mall for $2. Drop crotch pants from Bianca. :> tenk u :3 Demonia creepers, found on eBay ~$50. I spent so much on those creepers, really they were a splurge. I shouldn't have bought them since I am dirt poor hahah I wanted a pair for so long and I got absorbed in the idea of buying them on eBay when I found a somewhat well priced used pair in a style I didn't see too often. It was a buy where I thought I MUST HAVE THESE, and then an hour later I was like OH MY GOSH I DID NOT HAVE MONEY FOR THOSE WHY DID I DO THIS. I panicked a little bit, but it was too late. ahaha. Then I just waited for them to come and when I got them I was very happy :> Feeling pretty sad though, since I just found out one of my dogs, a black lab, was put to sleep. He has been sick lately so I am sure it was for the best. I'm sad I didn't get to see him before he was put down. He also was around my age and had a birthday around mine too. Love to you, my buddy HarHar <333


  1. Aww this is great. You look like a real fairy with that white blouse :-)

    1. awww a fairy!!!! *3* yayyyyy ~~ that's such a cute comment!! I've never gotten that before <333