Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mmm first dia, old FNO outfit.

Fashion's Night Out. A lace dress I originally saw for $35~ and found on sale after I'd forgotten about it for $2 xD Petticoat. Heat tights. My favorite tights right now- H&M. $8. Boots. $15. Velvet vest, had for a long time. I love vests :> Wore this for FNO because I was out shopping for fabric before we went out & met up with boifrando super briefly. Busy busyyy. I'm not into the super flashy clothes like a lot of people wear during FNO. Went a few places, Brooks Brothers, Macy's, outside of a Cyndi Lauper show, only let people on a list in sigh. Some other places. Lord & Taylor to try a few lock boxes. Met some Project Runway contestants there, but honestly more excited for the water I finally got haha. Some store with a lot of drag queens. Ughhhh they looked so beautiful ;A; <333 I want to design for them. I'd have so much fun. I'd like to post more when I actually take pics XD And post some of my backlog, but for now, yay first post :>

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