Friday, October 5, 2012


This dress was my grandmother's graduation dress. Really a beautiful piece. A few holes in it though, but I'm so nervous about damaging it, I haven't fixed them >___<;; Also this was back when my hair was blonde!! I miss it and I really want to return to it. My hair needs something different, it's kind of an unruly mess to the point where even my professor pointed it out. hhahah
So this dress buttons down the front, with glass gems. Also buttons on the cuffs and collar. It's super adorable, never see anything like this anymore. The seams are all pinked and the hem is a slipstitch with seam tape. It's incredibly well made and simply beautiful. 
My mom visited my grandmother and brought it back for me like "oh would you want this, i didn't know if you would, blah~~" but I saw it and FELL IN LOVE. I almost started crying I WANT TO WEAR THIS DRESS EVERYDAY. hahahaha It's a bit loose on my waist, but with a gathered skirt like this, I don't mind. It's just super super cute. Oh! There is also one hidden side seam pocket and it zips on the other side, with a lapped zipper.
And the shoes I'm wearing are my polka dot wedges I bought for $15. I've really wanted some wedges so I finally bought some. They're incredibly comfortable and super easy to walk in. I wore them basically all summer hahah It's harder to wear heels in NY, since I'm always walking miles so I want to be as comfortable as possible.
Anyway, yes. I'm in love with this dress and vintage dresses and I want so many more ;3;

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